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Iconics bounced back from a their Day 1 finals loss to 236 to win the Day 2 of the Dynasty 3x3 Rally which is part of the Dynasty 3x3 Tour 2017 season which tipped-off on the 1st of July 2017. Day 2 saw 14 teams compete against each other in another two pools round robin games with the top team in each pool advancing to the finals for the day. Iconics showed their determination from game 1 when they faced off with Team Smooves who are one of the top 4 teams in this years tour. They game was very close but at the end of the day Iconics slipped through with a 15:14 victory. Their first victory of the day set the tone for what was going to be a day of victory. Nevertheless victory didn't come on a silver platter, in their last preliminary game Iconics faced off against the experience Gbevu Nation from the Volta Region and it was a tough fight for them in which they suffered their first loss of the day going down 13:14 in favor of Gbevu Nation. Despite the one loss Iconics still advanced to the day's final and they met up with fellow club mates Icons who were playing in their tour debut. Icons advanced also advanced from a hardly fought group which had Day 1 winners 236 and 2015 Tour champions Miners. The final game was well played by both teams with a lot of offensive plays but little defense. The Day's final game between Iconics and Icons  ended 15:13 in favor of Iconics. For more info on Day 2 scores visit www.dynastybasketball.org/3x3.html
<![CDATA[MINERS GAIN FROM ABIDJAN EXPERIENCE]]>Wed, 15 Jun 2016 20:25:09 GMThttp://dynastybasketball.org/news/miners-gain-from-abidjan-experience
Team Miners after finishing strong on Day 1 with a win over their fellow Ivorian group member W6 fell to another Ivorian team during Day 2  of knockout games which included the finals of the tournament. The Miners played one of the best games in the quater-finals nevertheless their sharp shooter Raymond Maha couldn’t get into his normal shooting rhythm and was limited to only one shot beyond the arc. At the end of the game their efforts wasn’t enough to secure a semi-finals spot loosing 7-10 in favour of Alkayoum. Alkayoum went on to play against the eventual tournament winners The One also from Ivory Coast who beat Team Camer from Cameroon in the finals 16-15

Despite been knocked out in the quater-finals the Miners team took a lot from their participation in the tournament. Speaking to Nii Aryee Ayi one of the players on the Miners team he said “ The game is more physical than i was used to and i also learnt to be mentally strong even in times when referees don’t call in my teams favour” another member of the Miners Team Andrew Ayienab who also happens to be the captain of the team also shared his experience “ the competition at that level was totally different and needed good tactics and game play to be able to win. The shot clock and game time needs to be used effectively.”  Away from the game the team together with the Dynasty Basketball staff experienced a beautiful country with magnificent infrastructure and sporting facilities.

Another take away the Miners team can be proud of is their rise in ranking in Ghana and also on the world stage from 2nd to 1st in Ghana and from 3,666th to 2,734th in the world. Currently the Miners are also ranked the number 1 team in West Africa and within the top 10 teams in the whole of Africa. They achieved this through their participation in FIBA Endorsed Dynasty 3x3 events.

Going forward the Miners team will be the face of 3x3 basketball in Ghana for the 2016/2017 season and will be involved in the growth of 3x3 in Ghana. The Dynasty 3x3 Tour 2016/2017 is coming soon so all who are looking to also raise their game just like the Miners did should 
<![CDATA[SLOW START FOR TEAM MINERSĀ ]]>Sat, 11 Jun 2016 08:39:51 GMThttp://dynastybasketball.org/news/slow-start-for-team-miners
Team Miners had a hard ground to dig through during Day 1 of the Pegnous 3x3 Challenger in Abidjan. With eight teams placed into two groups of 4 teams, Team Miners found themselves in Pool B ranked as the number 1 ranked team coming into the tournament. They were paired with Kene File from Mali, W6 from Cote’ D’ivoire, and "The One” team from Cote D’Ivoire.

Game one was a hard battle for Team Miners going against the number 1 ranked team in Ivory Coast  The One team. The first game ended 6-17 against Miners. The second game saw Miners showing signs of the reason they made it to this tournament with some great display of team work but they came up short of a victory against a strong Malian team Kene File finishing 15-19 in favor of the Malian Team. Miners’ last game on day 1 also happened to be the last game of the day with them going up against another Ivorian team W6. Miners came into the last game with energy, skill, and great team chemistry and their progressive effort paid of well with a 15-8 victory which was crucial in determining their seeding going into knockout round in Day 2.

Day 2 will see teams playing in the knockout phase of the tournament, and Miners going against another Ivory team Alkayoum who were ranked 4th coming into the tournament. Miners can’t take any chances in a slow start, they will have to start the game better than day 1 and finish stronger than all their preliminary games. Miners still have a chance to finishing on the podium but will need to be consistent to earn that spot.
<![CDATA[GTV SPORTS PLUS TO TELECAST DYNASTY 3X3 TOUR 2015 FINALS]]>Fri, 11 Dec 2015 00:00:00 GMThttp://dynastybasketball.org/news/gtv-sports-plus-to-telecast-dynasty-3x3-tour-2015-finals
We are proud to announce our partnership with GTV Sports+ to show Dynasty3x3Tour 2015. GTV Sports+ is Ghana’s premier digital all Sports TV Channel and home of some of the best sports programming in Ghana. As part of the partnership GTV Sports+ will be the sole TV partner of the 2015 Dynasty 3x3Tour Finals a FIBA endorsed event, which began in October 2015. GTV Sports+ will be covering the Finals event, and will show both full game and highlights of the finals on their channel. Also during the build up to the event, GTV Sports+ will run promotional videos and live interviews of some of the 16 teams participating in the finals to be held on the 19th of December 2015 at the Lincoln Community School.

The finals will see 16 of the country’s top 3x3 teams who qualified from the three Dynasty 3x3 Tour events held in Accra & Kumasi. So far 122 players who have played in the event have been licensed and ranked by FIBA on the 3-on-3 World Rankings.   
The partnership is part of a preliminary plan for the 2016 Dynasty 3x3 Tour season, which will see over 500players participate in various category of 3-on-3 games across the country.
GTV Sports+ is a free to Air Digital Channel and it’s owned by Ghana Broadcasting Corporation Ghana’s leading broadcasting house since the 1950’s.
<![CDATA[HOOP SNIPERZ win kumasi dynasty 3x3 tour qualification event]]>Sat, 07 Nov 2015 00:00:00 GMThttp://dynastybasketball.org/news/hoop-sniperz-win-kumasi-dynasty-3x3-tour-qualification-event
Hoop Sniperz faced some strong challengers before emerging victors in the end. In the finals Hoop Sniperz faced defending Kumasi Jam Champions Vipers who won the 2014 Kumasi edition of the tournament. Vipers upon reaching the finals held the highest winning percentage and points with 4wins and 0 losses in the tournament as they dominated teams through the group stages and the knockout stages. Then they had to face their toughest challenger in the tournament Hoop Snipers in the finals. Vipers couldn't maintain their dominance against Hoop Sniperz.  Hoop Sniperz started the game with tournament MVP Clock Eckow shooting 3 straight 2pointer shots from beyond the arc. Great individual skills and some terrific team play lifted up Hoop Snipers over the Vipers and at the end the game ended 14 – 7 in favor of Hoop Snipers who were crowned Champions of the Kumasi Jam edition of the DYNASTY 3X3 Tour . Clock Eckow deserved the MVP title with his dazzling ball handling skills and long range shots. Other individual winners were Elorm Holy also from Hoop Snipers who won the slam dunk contest, and Locher George who played for GS State who finished 5th in the Final Standings.

Hoop Sniperz have now qualified for the DYNASTY 3X3 Tour Grand Final Fiesta together with Vipers, Silver, and City Hoops. They will add up to the four teams that have qualified from the Legon Jam edition held in Accra on the 31st of October, 2015. The next stop for the DYNASTY 3X3 Tour is the Kawukudi Jam which will be taking place on Saturday 21st November, 2015.  
<![CDATA[TEAM MINERS DIG DEEP TO CLINCH VICTORY AT LEGON JAM]]>Sat, 05 Sep 2015 00:00:00 GMThttp://dynastybasketball.org/news/team-miners-dig-deep-to-clinch-victory-at-legon-jam
The University of Ghana, Legon was the venue set for the first open FIBA Endorsed 3x3 tournament in Ghana with nine senior men's teams signed up. Games begun mid morning with the first game between LA Ballers and Sky Force which ended 13 : 4 in favour of LA Ballers. Then came the first game for MINERS who went through the tournament with a clean slate. Miners dominated most of their games with by 8 to 14points. Nevertheless it was in their final game against Team 236 from Central African Republic that they got a run for their title. It was the closest game through out the day's games but at the end Miners made up of Andrew Ayienab, Raymond Maha, and Daniel Obargo found a way to win by 14 :11. At the end of the day the following teams Miners, Novice Tornado,Team 236, and Dream Team qualified for the Grand Finals on the 19th of December, 2015 at Lincoln Community School. We now move the 3x3 Train to Kumasi over 200km out of Accra to  select four teams out of the 12Teams from the Ashanti Region to join Team Miners and the Legon Jam winners in the finals. .